Community Supported Agriculture


IMG_0924Consider joining our CSA program! We’d truly love to have you as a member.

What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is where customers can buy “shares” of the farm’s produce, pick it up at the farm themselves, and receive the freshest organic vegetables and produce! 655

What are the benefits?
As a member, you will receive a bountiful weekly share of Hall’s Farm organic produce along with at least one recipe for the week’s produce. Our produce is picked fresh so it really is at the peak of its nutritional value. You can see and taste the difference. CSA members can also visit the cut-your-own flower garden and our Local BFA (Bionutrient Food Association) garden to  pick a beautiful bouquet of flowers or other goodies to take home each week during the summer months. 672


How does it work?
By purchasing a share, we invite you to come to the farm weekly, on Tuesdays between 2-6 p.m., to pick up your vegetables. The full membership season is 23weeks long, running from mid-June to November- other membership options are available.   See our “Sign me up” page.

What are the risks?
We are committed to the best of our ability to provide high-quality organic produce but there are always risks in agriculture and these risks are shared by the whole CSA community. We haven’t quite figured out how to let Mother Nature know when we need more rain, or less rain, or to keep invasive insects and diseases away. Each year we experience some sort of crop failure due to drought, flooding or other perils, but we are committed to providing you high-quality, organic produce to the best of our ability. Being a paid member of our CSA entitles you to a share of the produce we harvest during the relevant growing season. Be it a little or a lot! Either way – you’re guaranteed the best we can offer each and every week. sunflowers

How much does a share cost?
We offer share options for all.   Our Full Share runs the full harvest season from mid June through mid-Novemver for $700.00   Or opt for our Classic share running from mid June through October, ideal for those not cooking big Thanksgiving dinner, for $630.   For the family that gets super busy once school starts there’s our Summer only share, running from mid June through August for $360.   All shares are also offered in a half share option.    See the  “Sign me up” page for all membership options. 

Any CSA can be shared with another person if you think this will be too much for your family, complete the form with your partners information and then split the share as you wish. 

 To break  this down, a full share is approximately 500 lbs of veggies throughout the year, and works out to  $30 a week. Fresh, local, organic food you can feel great about feeding your family and it doesn’t drain your wallet!

Pick up is at the farm only on Tuesdays from 2-6pm

We would be happy to discuss other locations, if you have one in mind, please send an email or give us a call.

I’m convinced! How do I become a member?

To order your  share go to the “Sign me Up” page to pay on line or print the form below and mail it to us along with your payment.


Mail with payment to:

Hall’s Farm
CSA Membership
180 Old Farms Road
Simsbury, CT 06070

Email with any questions –

Then look forward to enjoying the benefits of your CSA membership!