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Great! There are two easy ways to sign-up!

  1. Select your membership share option below and pay on line through Paypal (you must have pop-ups enabled)
  2.    Print out the 2020 Harvest Agreement form and drop it in the mail


NOTE:  Completion of your online payment confirms your acceptance/ understanding that this is a Community Supported venture and that, although the farmer is committed to the best of his ability to provide high quality produce, there are risks in agriculture (Mother Nature’s whims) that need to be shared by the whole community.  Produce availably can vary from year to year.  Further, you understand that your payment entitles you to a weekly share of the produce harvested by the George Hall Farm CSA during the harvest season.

Unclaimed shares will be available at the farm until the next day unless arrangements are made by 6pm Tuesday to pick up at a different time.   Failure to pick up shares at a set time or without prior notification will result in forfeit of your share for that week.


Full Shares 

2020 Full Share – June 23 – November 17 $700


2020 Classic Share – June 23 – October 27  $630


2020 Summer Share- June 23-August 25 $360



Half Shares 

2020 Half -Full year share – June 23 – November 17 $355


2020 Half – Classic share- June 23 – October 27  $320


2020 Half – Summer share – June 23- August 25 $185



Download the agreement form by clicking here:


Print out the form, select your share and drop it in the mail to us with your payment to:

George Hall Farm
CSA Membership
180 Old Farms Road
Simsbury, CT 06070

Then look forward to enjoying the benefits of your CSA membership with fresh veggies all season!