Each year, the George Hall Farm hosts a limited number of interns. Some interns are on college vacation, in between school and the next phase of life, or are just interested and willing to learn about organic farming practices. Many come for short or long terms starting in May, when we start seeding and planting, while others come in July/August for the harvesting season.

What do you gain by working at Hall’s Farm?
When you work with us, you will learn how to farm organically, how to identify and care for plants, both in the field and during the seeding and sprouting stages.

Farming is hard work, but in our experience, the employees walk away with a better knowledge of what they are putting into their bodies, they help spread awareness of the organic vs. conventional fruits and vegetables, and most important of all they see how much hard work pays off.

It’s a sense of pride that one gets from getting their hands dirty!

What about housing?
Limited on-farm housing units are available for new committed employees.

Dress requirements?
Working in the elements can be hard on skin. We recommend loose fitting long sleeve shirts to protect from the sun, as well as long pants, and sunscreen. Obviously when it’s raining boots and a jacket are a great idea!


November, 2013:  George is recognized as an Education Leader

2013 Education Leader Award

“Long time organic farmer George Hall receives an Education Leader award. The award was presented at the Connecticut State Capitol as part of the Working Lands Alliance’s Annual Meeting”